L191 Dull eyed Royal Pleco - Live Fish (One Item)
L191 Dull eyed Royal Pleco - Live Fish (One Item)

L191 Dull eyed Royal Pleco - Live Fish (One Item)

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L191 Dull eyed Royal Pleco  - Live Fish (One Item)

 L191 Broken Line Royal Pleco (Panaque sp.), also called Dull-Eye Royal Plecos, are suited for tanks 75 gallons or more due to their maximum size and preference for hiding under large pieces of wood. Like other Panaque species, they get their nutrition from eating wood and the microorganisms that live on its surface. They also appreciate vegetables such as zucchini or cucumber.

Latin Name: Panaque sp.

Maximum Size: 20 inches

pH: 6.5-7.5

Temperature: 70 to 85 degrees F

Water Hardness: Moderate

Behavior: Peaceful

Native Region: South America

Source Of Fish: Wild

Diet: Algae Wafers, vegetables, driftwood or frozen aquatic foods

Suitable Tank Mates: Large plecos, catfish, large South American cichlids, large tetras

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