Lemon Cichlid - Neolamprologus leleupi  - Live Fish

Lemon Cichlid - Neolamprologus leleupi - Live Fish

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Neolamprologus leleupi are typically bright yellow, but their color can vary depending on social status and catch location. Their bright colors help them catch a viewer's eye among other Tanganyikan cichlids, which are typically black, gray, and white. They get along well with most similarly sized cichlids, like Julidochromis, Altolamprologus, and other Neolamprologus. Sexing can be difficult, and impossible when young, so groups should be purchased if the intention is to breed them.

Latin Name: Neolamprologus leleupi

Maximum Size: 4 inches

pH: 7.5 to 8.5

Temperature: 72 to 85 degrees F

Water Hardness: Hard

Behavior: Semi- aggressive (May chase/ nibble other fish)

Native Region: Lake Tanganyika, Africa

Source Of Fish: Captive bred

Minimum Tank Requirements: 60-gallon tank with aeration

Diet: Pellets, flakes, dried krill or frozen aquatic foods

Suitable Tank Mates: Lake Tanganyikan cichlids, plecos

Overall Ease Of Care: Medium (Appropriate for keepers with basic expertise)


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