Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999
Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999
Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999
Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999
Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999
Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999
Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999

Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light HG-999

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Product Features

Auto On/Off Aquarium Fish Tank Light

hygger LED aquarium lighting uses an IC memorizer which has a power-off memory function. After the light resumes work, the setting of the fish tank light will not be lost.

High-quality LED Aquarium Light

Flicker-free LED is stable and provides more than enough brightness for tank viewing.
This LED light uses WRGB lamp beads. The three primary colors are scientifically adjusted to simulate natural light without flickering. It not only promotes the growth of water plants but also makes water looks more sparkly clean. Ultra bright LED Light makes a good effect on green aquarium plants, ideal for freshwater fish and low-high light level aquarium plants. It makes the aquarium water looks more sparkly and clean and the water plants are lifelike.

Extendable Metal Brackets

Programmable design with LCD monitor

It features programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings with daylight and moonlight, to create optimal conditions for your fish and aquatic plants. There are six setting buttons to ensure a more convenient setting of the working mode you want. You can see the current time, current mode, running start time or running end time, current light color, and brightness on the LCD.
Note: When the time is up, the light will turn on or off automatically.

New upgrade by Good Waterproof and Heat Dissipation

It is now upgraded by IP68 Waterproof which means no need to worry about splashes or other accidental drops of water. 1.2mm premium aluminum shell provides more effective heat transfer and a fully sealed process protects the LED fish tank lights from humidity and water intrusion, safe to use and energy saving.

Adjustable metal brackets make the light fit aquariums of different sizes.

Three Programmable Usage Modes

’53’ DIY mode: Has 8 time periods, namely L1-L8 periods, covering 24 hours, the start time, end time, light color, and brightness of each period can be set freely according to your preferences. In each period, the light will display the correspondingly set aquarium light color and brightness.
’51’ Day mode: The light displayed in day mode is white light (W+R+G+B). When the day mode is running, it will slowly turn on or off within 15 minutes.
’52’ Night mode: The light displayed in night mode is one of 7 light colors set. Light color can be set to red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, or purple. When the night mode is running, it will slowly turn on or off within 15 minutes.

1. The brightness of the white light can be set from 10% to 100%.
2. The time of day mode and night mode can be set freely.

Directions for Use

1. Set local time: Press the Up and Down buttons to adjust the local time in hours and press the gear button to confirm.
2. Reset local time: When the ’24H’ flashes on the screen, press the Up and Down button to select ’12H’ or 24’H’, and press the gear button to confirm.
3. Setup program: Press the M button, and ’51′(Day mode), ’52′(Night mode), or ’53′(DIY mode) representing day mode, night mode, and DIY mode will appear on the screen respectively.
1. In any mode if you want to turn off the light, press the BULB icon.
2. When the light is off, press the BULB icon to turn the light back on.

Use Tips:

1. You should read all the important notices on the appliance before using it.
2. To avoid injury, do not touch moving parts or hot parts.
3. Make sure the light fixture is mounted correctly and securely positioned on the aquarium before operating.
4. Always ensure that the light brackets are on the outside of the aquarium frame.

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