hygger Double Head Wave Maker for 40~110 Gallon Aquarium Tank
hygger Double Head Wave Maker for 40~110 Gallon Aquarium Tank

hygger Double Head Wave Maker for 40~110 Gallon Aquarium Tank

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hygger 2100GPH Double Head Aquarium Wave Maker, Quiet 5W Aquarium Circulation Pump, with Strong Magnetic Suction Base, 360°Adjustable Power Head, for 40~110 Gal Tank

Double head + double power

The double-head wave maker has all the double effects, it can make waves longer and more powerful. The horizontal wide-angle surface is wider, and the water wave can reach the surrounding area in a wide range. The maker can be widely used for 40–240 gallons of fish tanks.

Circulation pump

hygger circulation pump is easy to adjust with a 360°rotating baseball. As a waterproof motor pump, it has strong power and saves energy, and the stainless steel shaft impeller is durable. The front cover has a reverse card slot inner, and a protective shell outer, which is anti-pinch fish. But it should be used on less than 0.47-inch thick tanks.

Double-fixed magnet base

The wave maker’s suction cup base can reduce vibration to work more silently, at the same time, it can also increase adsorption to make the maker firmer on the tank wall, it is detachable. A strong magnet base made of a thickened magnet, stable and firm, it can move freely on the tank wall when used alone. And can move up and down left and right to change position at will.

Fix more stable

The suction cups are adsorbed on the wall of the fish tank, plus a large magnet base to fix the circulation pump more stable.

Water circulation & dissolved oxygen

Install the pump on the top of the tank, it will work with obvious water ripples.
The dissolved oxygen in the water will be greatly increased when it makes waves. It also can make the water temperature more quickly balanced, especially in a large tank with a heater. Besides, it can also make the water flow and form a water cycle that helps stabilize water quality.

For Fish Health

Installed in the middle of the tank, can blow away the bubble of air stone.
The fish will move against the current in the current environment to exercise, and if the water flow is stronger it makes them more healthy and have a stronger appetite.

Assist fish feeding

Installed at the bottom of the tank, can blow away the filter material.
The circulating water flow formed by the wave pump can assist in accelerating the flow of fish feces/food and blowing away fish feces/food. And the OFF function of the square button can be used to suspend the operation of the pump without affecting the fish feeding.

Directions for Use

The role of the Double head wave maker

Form a water cycle and increase the amount of dissolved oxygen to make the fish exercise and healthier.
It is suitable for coral tanks, allowing corals to float and move in the water, and the current can bring food to the corals and wash away the mucus secreted by the corals. It can also make the water temperature in the big fish tank more quickly equalize.

Use Tips

If your fish tank wall is very thick, installing the suction cup and using it with a strong magnetic base is recommended.

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