Sveni Eartheater - Geophagus sp. 'sveni' - Live Fish (2.5" - 2.75")
Sveni Eartheater - Geophagus sp. 'sveni' - Live Fish (2.5" - 2.75")

Sveni Eartheater - Geophagus sp. 'sveni' - Live Fish (2.5" - 2.75")

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Sveni Eartheater fish (Geophagus Sveni) are members of the cichlid family from South America who are popular amongst most cichlid keepers and aquarists due to its vibrant colors. With peacock blue patterns contrasting with red and grey, these fish are ideal to make your tank look unique and attractive. As the name ‘Eartheater’ suggests, this species often build patterns on the surface therefore, keepers can seek some good entertainment by adding fine gravel or sand in the aquarium to enjoy their playful habits.

Latin Name: Geophagus Sveni

Maximum Size: 7 inches

pH: 7.5 to 8.0

Temperature: 70 -80 degrees F

Water Hardness: Hard

Behavior: Aggressive (May chase/attack other small fish)

Native Region: Tocantins River, Brazil

Source Of Fish: Captive bred

Minimum Tank Requirements: 60-gallon tank with aeration

Diet: Pellets, flakes, dried krill or frozen aquatic foods  

Suitable Tank Mates: Tin foil barb, Severum, Clown loach, pleco, silver dollars and many other species

Overall Ease Of Maintenance: Medium (Appropriate for keepers with basic expertise)


Customer Reviews

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Marta Roberts

Great lighting really good, however I have brown algae since I installed the lamp

Ramona Tillman

is very good for this price. is bright and look nice on glass. got it in 3weeks

Lillie Effertz

Fish is so Active and beautiful,

D'angelo Gerhold

Excellent Fish, i Found on time, love it